Carry me with you

Salwa Sadek 

Salwa Sadek is an Egyptian-Australian poet and spoken word artist. Her passion for storytelling through studying journalism sparked her interest in telling her own stories through poetic form. 

 Her poetry is heavily faith-based as a means to understand the way we live life and to share the beauty of her faith (Islam) which has been greatly misrepresented in today’s world. She recently released her first poetry collection, “Carry Me With You,” which is available for purchase on Amazon! 

we await the day Palestine is free 

the world bears witness a city of beauty

your lineage birthed and planted 

to wake up finding the land of palestine 

hugging your lifeless body 

your old age was waiting to one day be granted 

but heaven called you yesterday 

as your body descended to the ground 

to find heavenly gardens awaiting  

amid a land stolen from your hands.

to know a life only through settlements 

to be left buried beneath the earth’s soil 

a witness to endless years of turmoil.

but your soul can now rest

from yesterday which was oppressed 

as it rises up trancing in the presence of angels 

repeated history on these pages of each rising day 

doesn’t become any less painful

yet we remind ourselves freedom lies in remaining faithful.

as you die a shaheed

while your family and the world grieves 

each day innocent souls leave 

palestine we await the day you will be free 


– Saeed Odeh murdered by Zionist colonizing forces, 5/5/21

heaven’s door


if i listened to the wind more often 

i’d realize God never left me 

even though i have many times before.


so if death is the way to meet my Creator 

how can i still be so fearful of The One 

who showed me the way to heaven’s door?



thoughts full of commotion 

beyond my control 

i pray this pain doesn’t break me to the bone.

a pain like none other 

a pain that subsists 

transcending the words of language that exist.

travelling along

always intervening 

for if this world was perfect 

heaven would lose its meaning. 

You can find Salwa Sadek on Instagram and Twitter. You can purchase Carry me with you on Amazon!

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