A Star is Born

Bella Van Tassel

My name is Bella Van Tassel (she/her), owner of Bella’s Studio, and I am a 20-year-old traditional artist, born and residing in San Diego, California. 

I create acrylic paintings inspired by the people and elements around me. Since I was a child, I always looked to art as an outlet for stress, sadness, and all of the ups and downs that life embodies. 

I ended up falling in love with sketching and painting, and I have been working at developing my art ever since, leading me to start Bella’s Studio in 2019. I love the challenge of traditional art and being able to see my growth from each painting to the next. My art is a reflection of growth through my youth, and I am constantly creating new ideas and pieces, and I am honored by those who choose to follow my artistic journey.

You can find find Bella on Instagram and Twitter.

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