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Hey, I’m Kyler, a 17-year-old digital artist from Florida.

I first got into design in 6th grade, I wanted to become a YouTuber, and I didn’t have a good looking thumbnail or youtube banner or any of the other channel-art that most big YouTubers have, and I mean, I was like 12 what else was I going to do, buy it? That was also a struggle at the time. So with no money or anyone I knew being a graphic designer, I decided to start pursuing graphic design. It started with Youtube tutorials and a laptop with 2GB of ram. 

When I started designing my community, and from what I’ve seen general we didn’t have the same resources and helpful tutorials like those that are available today, the community is evolving, and it’s great seeing all your friends and yourself doing well all from something that started off years ago and has changed so much since then. I

I’ve quit design/art many many times, don’t expect anything to be easy; sometimes, you just need a break. I’m six years in, and my work is still very far from what I want it to be. If I had to give someone pursuing design or the art field one tip, it would be to make friends and communicate, you’ll learn the most from your friends and others giving feedback, don’t be afraid to ask for other opinions and learn how to take constructive criticism well, when I send my pieces to my friends they know to critique as harsh as possible because if they didn’t, they would be stealing knowledge or useful information that could really help me improve as an artist. 

Another important thing is, people learn at different speeds; there’s crazy talented people who have been designing for only a year. If you put in the time and effort to learning, creating, and growing as an artist, then you can improve at insane rates.

You can find Kyler on Instagram, Twitter, or his website.

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