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My name is Xoey, and I am a multimedia illustrator and creative based in Detroit, Michigan.

I moved to the United States from Nigeria with my family when I was around four years old and have lived here ever since. Being from a diverse background, my work is extremely influenced by the media that I was exposed to when I first got acclimated to society in America, as well as my heritage and familial upbringing. 

My work touches heavily upon the idea of familiarity as well as the unusual in a way that aims to unify the collective consciousness by creating shared experiences through artwork. There is a lot of power in unity, so I try to arrange and organize my pieces to have a sense of harmony in a way that resonates with the viewer. 

Having been mentored when I was younger in a time when I could not afford the resources and art education to fuel my thirst for creativity has led me to be an advocate for art education reform as well as becoming a teacher myself. I believe we all deserve the same access to resources and tools that other more privileged groups have at their disposal.

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