Hello, I am Sonhdon! I’m 20 years old, I live in Virginia, and I am a digital and traditional illustrator/ artist. 

I have always felt a calling for art. Since I was about 4 years old, I’ve always known that art is what I wanted to do. I would sit down with a bucket filled with crayons with my grandmother and draw little girls from different cultures in our shared sketchbook. I would draw all types of comics and characters in elementary school, even my teacher’s wedding dress.

Going into middle school, I would focus on realistic portraits of my favorite band members and celebrities.  When I was 15, I saved up enough money from my babysitting job to buy a Wacom tablet, and my digital art journey began there. I began my Instagram art page at the beginning of 2020, expanded to Twitter, and enjoyed it since!

My work varies from simple mono-colored line work to bright, vivid cartoonish portraits. I would consider my art semi- realistic at times as well. When I sit down to draw, I try to use a different method every time to make each piece look completely different from the last, although sometimes it’s unintentional. As of right now, I’m currently obsessed with incorporating texture and overlays into my pieces as well since transferring over to Procreate. Whether it’s abstract, semi-realistic, or cartoonish, I prefer my work to pop out at you and draw you in with the minor detail.

You can find Sonhdon on Instagram and Twitter.

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