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Abdulaziz Mohammed

I am Abdulaziz Mohammed; I was born in Saudi Arabia, a photographer also known as phoziz; I am studying at the Meshreq University, Department of Communication Engineering, and now I live in Khartoum, Sudan.

I am one of the people who love art in general in all its directions, but I have turned to photography in particular because it represents my heart.Photography is very beautiful to me, and I started carrying my camera in 2014, but I loved photography since I was 16.  Taking pictures on phones.The artistic world is a very beautiful life, I delve deeper into this world, and this world saves me from all my annoying fears and depressions.

From 2014 to 2018, I used to take pictures of myself only as a love for photography, but in 2018 I started the beginning that transformed my ordinary art into a distinctive art that people’s eyes were attracted to with love.I specialize in photography, landscape photography, street photography, and aerial photography, highlighting the aesthetic face of nature and highlighting people’s lives on the streets.

When I am always alone in this world, I go to photography and travel to cities and countries, and then I feel very comfortable and uneasy about this world.I try to travel to many places, but my country has no tourism, so I try not to go far from my country until this country’s beauty is seen for the whole world to see that Sudan has beautiful, heritage and picturesque places.

I always want to immerse myself deeply in my art and be unique. There is no ability to imitate my traditional in photography, and that I do not imitate anyone of that art.The Corona period and the total ban on the whole world made me discouraged from photographing, and my ideas kept away from me every period, but 2021 promised new ideas and enthusiasm beyond anyone.

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