Micah Muhammad 

When most people see an object, their primary focus is what’s shown on the surface — but I commonly find my imagination naturally gravitating toward what’s underneath. 

The mystery and room to imagine excites me, which is shown in my work that focuses heavily on deconstruction with anatomy-inspired details. My creative work includes the use of hand/digital illustrating, mixed media, garment modification, and model-building. In most of my projects, there is repetitive use of tonnage, specifically fleshtones, with details and conceptual ideas being profound components to my style of design.

 Being a self-taught student, my skill set is integrated from a transdisciplinary standpoint when creating. I aim to construct each piece to be unique and intriguing, so I am not grounded to utilizing one specific art style. I believe, as an artist, it’s important to go against the grain and test new limits beyond the common viewport.

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