Jood Al Hinai

Jood Al Hinai is an 18 years old self-taught artist born and raised in The Sultanate of Oman.

Art has always been my passion, and I was raised by a family that gave me and still gives me unconditional support. Art is a way to express myself, feelings and to escape from reality. I have been painting since a very young age which helped me develop my art skills and techniques in so many ways. This talent slowly started to get molded, with defining features of intricate and realistic paintings. 

Being familiar with different medium techniques lets you explore the difference between them, but I prefer using acrylics as my main type. Often, in my original paintings, I leave a touch or a story that represents me.Viewers may not connect emotionally with my art, but that’s fine by me, as long as I know what the art means. 

As long as the beauty of the painting makes them stop for a second to appreciate is enough for me. Sharing my art is a process but not an end product only. With the help of my family, teachers, friends, and my supportive audience, I gained confidence, and so my art brush started creating wonders. 

You can find Jood on Instagram and Twitter.

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