Recipe: How to Heal the Heart — A Short Poem about Compassion

Sara Al-Ansari

Her passion for storytelling turned into a full-time career as a journalism practitioner and educator. But it doesn’t stop there.

Through non-fiction novellas and poems, Sara Al-Ansari applies and focuses on concepts of emotions, mental health, and self-development in her creative pieces. In her works, Al-Ansari adds enigmatic and metaphorical elements to convey her messages delicately.

While Al-Ansari’s experience in creative writing is fairly new, she looks forward to learning and sharing more of her works in the near future. 

Preparation time:

Individual preference.


  • A heart — yours.
  • A mind — yours.


  1. Slice sections of the mind 
    and gather your faults.
  2. Rinse with honesty.
    (Repeat the process, until 
    all faults are crystal clear).
  3. Let dry until you 
    can see every bit, 
    and the guilt 
    becomes fragile.
  4. Use the heart 
    to cover the damaged areas 
    with compassion.
  5. Serve yourself 
    once satisfied.


Remind yourself, 
you are only human.

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