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Oyi Sands

Oyi Sands is a visual artist who emphasizes abstract or surreal art that aims to mess with the popular idea of what reality should be. 

Although she has always had an on & off relationship with making art, she intentionally started making abstract art about 3-4 years ago, starting first with zentangle patterns, evolving into abstracts, and making over 50 drawings since.

In 2020, She tried her hand at the digital medium of which she has made over 30 artworks so far. She tends to flirt with other styles and forms of art, but her style is predominantly monochromatic, and according to her, she plans to work with other mediums in the future.

She recently completed an art series titled ART VS ART BLOCK, although it features mostly abstract forms and textures, which were made as a tribute to her relationship with art blocks and the struggle to decide when the artist should rest or create. 

You can find Oyi on different platforms through her Linktree.

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