Wizard with the Brush

Tshepo Khelewa Nalane

 I am Tshepo Khelewa Nalane, but I also go by the name Rick Lane, a combination of my late father’s first name Patrick, and the last four letters of my last name Nalane. 

I am an artist/ creative/ painter/ wizard with a brush, born and raised in South Africa, and my art can be simply defined as “I paint what I see”. My art journey can be described as a mix of heredity and obsession. A handful of my family members also possess drawing and painting skills, so I firmly believe this is an inheritance. 

Since age 4, I have always been obsessed with drawing. It got to a point whereby it became irritating for some. Everywhere I went, I would find myself pestering people for a paper and pencil so that I could satisfy this addition. I’m 23 now, so you could imagine how long people had to put up with that. Nevertheless, my mother understood how passionate I was, and therefore searched and searched for an art school to nurture this talent.

For the most part, my art has always been an attempt at realism. Not to be punny, but my inspiration is drawn from the renaissance style of art. The manner in which artist of that period could capture photorealistic artwork centuries before cameras were invented is truly mind-boggling. So that is what I have always tried to emulate in my paintings. Art, for me, does not always have to have a deep meaning behind it. I leave that to the viewers. Reason being that two people can look at the same image and interpret it differently. My paintings are fundamentally created for aesthetic value. What you make of it is purely up to you because, in essence, art is subjective.  

You can find Tshepo on Twitter, Pinterest, or you can reach him through email.

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