Unchained sexuality, femininity, and insanity

Rhea D’Souza

My name is Rhea D’Souza, also known as TheSleepyDaVinci.  I’m a Canadian artist based in the Greater Toronto Area.

My mediums are acrylic paint, watercolor, oil paint, or the good old no. 2 pencil. I am heavily influenced by the melancholy realities of life and strive to define unchained sexuality, femininity, and insanity through my work. The female anatomy is a huge inspiration to me as well because I believe it is an art within itself.  I also specialize in women of color, because as one, I believe there is a lack of representation of us in art, and my goal is to change that.

“Accidents Aren’t Always a Bad Thing” (2020)

“Scorpio’s Child” (2020)

“Soft Spoken” (2020)

“Mystery Muse” (2020)

“Give n’ Take” (2020)

“Phoenix” (2020) 

You can find Rhea on Instagram and Twitter. For collaboration or general inquiries, you can contact her through email at Thesleepydavinci@gmail.com

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