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My name is Connor. I am a visual artist. The mediums I use to channel my creativity are photography, videography, graphic design, VFX, and 3D. Although these mediums seem ultra-modern, my upbringing was actually pretty alternative and nature-centric.

I grew up in rural Interior, Alaska. We had a small cabin in Denali National Park without running water and surrounded by mountains and tundra. We also spent time at our other house, an old broken down bus near Root Glacier in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. 

Both of my parents were nomadic to their core, and it only took a few years of attempted settling down for us to pull up roots and leave Alaska for the road. My dad hitchhiked to Alaska from Iowa to escape the inevitability of the Midwest, and my mom left life in the Bronx behind for a great adventure. We traveled all over the U.S., and as I got older, I took on Europe. This instilled in me a feeling of security and comfort around a seemingly insecure and jarring experience. Learned values combined with an intrinsic draw towards nature allowed me solace and fulfillment in exploring new and foreign ideas in my art and otherwise while representing my home state and it’s beauty.

As my upbringing collided with my art more and more, I achieved a style and consistency in my work and progress going forward. Over the last few years, I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with a whole universe of respected brands, including Lonely Planet, the Travel Channel, REI, and Mazda. I have also worked with and learned from staple artists like Zacari, Dewey Saunders, iLoveMakonnen, John Wingfield, and Dylan Furst. This flurry of influence and lifestyle has created a distinctiveness in my art, which is vast, vivid, and industrial, with nuances of sci-fi and escapism. I try my best to blend the parts of the earth that I appreciate the most with an unending dreamscape and a story. 

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