A Look Inside

Halie Diehl

My name is Halie Diehl. I’m a senior Graphic Design student with a minor in Photography at Midwestern State University.

I’ve always turned to art as a way to express personal ideas and experiences, and I decided to really dive into some deep topics that affect me and many others every day in this series called “A Look Inside.” This is a series of Archival Inkjet prints that was assigned for a final project in my photography II class. I’ve normally only surrounded my art around portraits and the human form, but I really wanted to challenge myself with man-made, modern still-lifes in an attempt to cover some heavy topics. 

I love implementing minimal designs into my graphic works while still trying to reflect a much larger concept and meaning. I personally struggle with all of the topics portrayed, so this series is a very important group of work to me, and I hope that whoever comes across these can gain perspective, support, and comfort while having a sarcastic laugh.

You can find Halie on Twitter or her website.

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