Friendly Neighborhood Sunflower


I’m Otey, your friendly neighborhood sunflower. I’m a 16-year-old digital artist based in the Philippines. I love my yellow hoodie, sunflowers, warm hugs, and sleep, oh and food.¬†

When Covid happened, I realized I wanted to cultivate my talents, and ever since last April, I’ve been putting out artworks on Twitter! I aspire to become an animator and concept artist under big names one day. Until then, I’m your local stem student racking her brains out.I love creating art that makes me and other people smile! I usually draw portraits and characters, and recently I’ve been having fun with food, art, and backgrounds. If you have any questions (or simply just need someone to talk to), please feel free to message me anytime! My DMs and email are always open!

You can reach Otey through email ( or Twitter.

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