Rhyarna McBride

My name is Rhyarna McBride, also called Rita Scee, and I am an artist located in Chicago, Illinois. 

 My main pursuits are fashion and photography; however, I only have an educational background in the former. I don’t have a set “aesthetic” or reasoning behind many of my works, and by that, I mean most of the time; I tend to create on a whim. If I did claim a label, I would describe myself as experimental. 

I love taking photos of my friends, less so now due to Covid, and just having fun throughout the whole experience. To me, it is about making the model feel comfortable and confident under the lens. Whether achieved through music, verbal communication, or even drinks (that liquid courage), I create a safe and entertaining space. The free feeling that comes from this allows them to release the rawest version of themselves to the camera- That is ultimately the goal! I love to collaborate whenever opportunities arise, and I plan on doing so until, well, there’s no one left to help me concoct visually stimulating pieces.”

You can find Rhyarna on Instagram (Personal/Brand).

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