BA•NK by Jahon

Jahon Swisher

My name is Jahon Swisher, and I am a 20-year-old designer from Watts, California. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a designer or work in the fashion world. I loved going to the fashion district and making little designs in my head.

Which led me to start my brand Bank Boy that later blossomed into BA•NK by Jahon. I originally sold glasses but fell off with my business after being hit with life back to back. After a short period, I decided to go back to my brand with a new mindset and motivation. I taught myself how to sew and eventually started to make samples for my brand. 

One of my main inspirations being Atira Lyons; watching her journey from literally a prom dress to owning a store on Melrose gave me a sense of faith. All it takes is dedication; so far, I am on my second campaign for my rebrand and prepping samples for the new year.

You can find Jahon on Instagram, Twitter, or their website. You can also email Jahon: (

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