Poised For Change

Tony Ri’Chard

Complex doesn’t even begin to describe the man named Tony Ri’Chard. Born in Houston, raised in Broussard, and eventually landing in Lafayette, Louisiana; the 27-year-old painter/rapper is poised to change his community, and himself, with his art

Tony spent nearly 3 years at the Art Institute of Houston, balancing a life outside of the law and being there for his mother before she passed in late 2015. Eventually, he decided that school wasn’t for him and worked on building a committed base of followers and artwork buyers. With ranging influences, his art comes off as a renaissance fusion of passion and style. It’s everything good and bad about life, put on canvas. 

As a painter, he has been a part of several art shows, painted murals, and has developed a loyal commission base. When it comes to artistic discipline and work ethic, Tony is difficult to overlook or ignore. Authenticity and realism define everything he does. Hope and faith have guided his journey as an artist and a man.

“My goal is change. Change for my community, change for myself. Showing that you can paint like I do, and be from the hood.” Stephen A. Faith

To find more of Tony and his work, be sure to check him out on Instagram and Twitter.

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