A Hustler With A Camera


My name’s Jose, I’m a self-taught photographer, California born and Virginia raised. I always had an eye for photography, but I never really took it seriously until my friend Max nudged me into it. 

Seeing her success inspired me to go out on my own and create and add my own twist to things. The journey itself was difficult; initially being driven by profit, it was hard getting bookings with nothing to show for it. 

I had to get people to believe in something I wasn’t sure if I even believed in. I never really fancied myself a creative either; if I had to describe myself, I would probably refer to myself as a hustler with a camera. I ditched being profit-driven and went on to produce some of my best work. To anybody reading, I’d like you all to stop doing anything you currently do only for the sake of money and start doing things that you would do for free. You’ll see life change completely for you. 

You can find Jose on Instagram (personal/photography) and Twitter.

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