Strength of a Warrior

Ohimor Oghenerume Yinkore

Ohimor Oghenerume Yinkore (b. 1998) is a self-taught digital artist and illustrator based in Nigeria.

Although she studied Visual Art in high school (2008 -2014 ), Nigeria being a very traditional society, she was advised not to further her art education in University. As such, she went on to Babcock University to study law. During this time, a near-death experience in 2017 rekindled her lost passion, and she began exploring digital art, which acted as a lifeline during a turbulent time. She went on to graduate with a second-class upper degree in law (2019). And with the aim of improving her skill, she worked as an art intern with the renowned Bantu Studio in Abuja, Nigeria (2018).

As a black woman, she represents in equal capacity, two of the world’s greatest minorities. So in a predominantly patriarchal world, she sees women’s representation through her art as not only an issue of preference but, in fact, an obligation. Her art is an ode to women, their sensuality, and incredible strength. Her works seek to primarily focus on women’s multi-faceted nature, emphasizing that women are not just one singular thing and would continue to break every standard imposed on them. 

Her pieces have been part of group exhibitions such as – the first edition of the Full-Moon Exhibition (Ghana, 2018), the Sabi Exhibition (Nigeria, 2019), Life is Art exhibition (2019), and the #ALLWOMXNMATTER Exhibition (South Africa, 2020).She has also been featured in; the second issue of the Agowo Magazine (2019) as well as online articles from Teen Vogue (2020) and Accelerate Tv (2020). Her art has also been used as the cover of Berkeley-Haas 4th Annual African Business Forum (2018), as well as the Youth Coalition’ Safe Abortion Watchdog’ (2020), and she has worked closely on a campaign with Oxfam International as an illustrator.

You can find Ohimor on Instagram, Twitter, or their website!

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