Broadening Her Horizon

Aradhika Jain

I am a 19-year-old, self-taught mix dedia artist from India.

I’ve been in art professionally for three years now, I always had a thing for art, but I was never confident enough.I work with many mediums; I create paintings, sketches, face arts, wall arts, paint sculptures, and work as a digital illustrator.

I am a psychology major, and I work on my art quite passionately; I started working on commissions this year, and all together, it’s been a really good year. I got recognition for my work like never before.Teaching art is something I’ve always dreamed of and hope to achieve that one day.I believe in having full control over my craft; being self-taught gives me the liberty to mold my talent, however I want. I’ve worked with almost all forms of traditional and digital arts. I hope to grow and learn each day.

You can find more of Ardhika on Instagram and Twitter.

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