Lands of the Blacks Book Club

Alaa Beshir and Reham Bela

Alaa Beshir and Reham Bela started a book club so that they can achieve a safe zone where Sudanese readers could relate to other readers as well as dedicate the book club to all genres allowing them to widen the member’s horizons.

Land of the Blacks Book Club (Lotb)

Accommodating our members are our number one priority, that’s why we let them choose the books. We have member circle meetings where members get to know each other as well as discussion groups monthly. We really enjoy hosting this book club and love seeing our members happy after reading a book.


Alaa Beshir
22-year-old creative writer and host of land of the black
book club as well as a psychology student. I’ve always
enjoyed reading and writing.

  • Reham Bela
  • 22-year-old, a recent graduate and currently working in a COVID testing lab. Beyond my passion for science, I have enjoyed reading from a young age. Hosting this book club allowed me to share my love for reading with other people.

You can find Land of the Blacks book club on Instagram!

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