Echoes Of Love

Simon Thiepdit

My name is Simon Thiepdit, 23 years of age. I am a South Sudanese National, Author, and a medical student at the University of Juba.

 I currently published my poetry anthology entitled, “Echoes Of Love.”  In the book, I express Love, heartbreak, and nature. Below are a few of the poems in the book.


She is a flower

A lady full of power.

She is neither a rose

Nor a lily flower

But an cactus_

One so real.

She is a flower

A lady full of power.

She endures the drought

The obstacles of love at its oracle

She is a lioness_

A wonder Woman.

She is a flower

A lady full of power.

She stands storms

She endures and bears the cure of love

She neither withers or shrinks like roses_

For she is a real flower.


Wau is a beautiful world laid on walls

Walls winning balls to call on wells

To quench thirsty hearts of the Nation

As an enterprise of promotion.


Wau goes viral like a virgin to a king

She is decorated like a peacock singing

“Wau nar, Wau noor, Wau mabinum”

For she is the Nation’s lotion.


Everyone believes lives abate peacefully

Tribes adore each other mightily

Like the rocks that clocks and socks

Its fast growing markets built on blocks.


Wau is a land of beauty pageants.

Blessed and pleasant for peasants

It’s a land of romantic dinosaurs

Singing ding dong bell of the poets.



I promised to love you until I die

But you dyed your heart on the pockets of old men

So I died and you died

Love was broken, promises broken.

I promised you would be the back cover of my best novel

And a noble prize of my heart

But you surprised me with all lots of lies

Love was broken, promises broken.

You promised to be my mother

One I would bother when the weather is blur

But you introduced me as your brother to your Sugar Daddy

Love was broken, promises broken.

When life was fat like your face

You promised to go thick and thin with me

But when Satan tossed the dice a little

Love was broken, promises broken.

Go quench your thirst on the weak but rich

Go be famous perchance a slayer

But have no thought of looking back to me

Because love is broken, promises broken.


I have loved like a king chasing the wind

I chose the fine and the kind

But a marathon for women never end

Each day, thousands ripen

And a man on a pen for poetry never lacks

What to keep his soul on laughs.

There was a time I broke hearts

Other times I wasn’t smart

Love was just lust in my mind

Like chasing after the wind

A broken wing engulfing an angel,

I was a thirsty type of an Archangel.

I chose the decent and the warriors

But the warriors were more of survivors

And decent more of wives

One I kept slicing with knives

Life was so good in the woods

And kisses so cheap like chirping of birds.


A slim dinosaur

with golden wings

Is King of Wau.

He is as brave as his tongue

He fought Arabs and found everlasting peace

He never runs but ruins enemies of peace.

The god of rain heals his pain

As he showers the garden’s grain

Into the huge granaries in Wau.

He is a king so keen when he sings

The buzzing and chirping of the rain forest

Hosting the gods of his ancestors.

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