Jonathan Pacheco

My name is Jonathan Pacheco. I’m a 22 visual artist based in Dallas, Texas. I find great interest in photography and graphic design. 

Photography has always been a big part of my life, growing up in a family where my parents just about captured and developed everything. I keep a camera on me at all times and just snap away at what I see, and I edit it the way I saw it, whether it’s with my phone, film, or DSLR. 

Capturing pictures is a mind-blowing thing for me to believe that people can admire something that could’ve simply meant nothing at the moment. Photos take people’s minds to a place that could’ve never existed at that moment, and the people in it could’ve just been living their ordinary lives. It really makes you feel a variety of things, “Like I wanna go there.” Or “I wanna experience that.” but you can’t even tell yourself why sometimes.

 Although I’m most known for my photography, I believe I am much more than that, and as I learn new mediums, I plan to spread my art and creativity throughout the world in different forms and help whoever I can along the way. 

You can check out more of Jonathon’s work via his portfolio, Instagram, or Twitter.

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