The Healing Body Shop

Lounda Charelus

My name is Lounda Charelus; I am currently a 4th year in my undergraduate studies on a pre-law track. I am the owner of a small skincare and wellness brand, The Healing Body Shop. I make oil serums, soaps, body butters, face masks, creams, and as well as other wellness products. 

Two years ago, hormonal cystic acne started my interest in skincare herbalism, I started my business with the intention of healing my skin, mind, body, and soul. I also hoped to bring awareness to others about the healing powers of nature. I am a healer who strives to make holistic care accessible and empower people to heal! My healing journey continues, and I hope that my community and I can continue to grow and prosper together!

We make herbal skincare products to cater to all skin types, especially those dealing with psoriasis, eczema, people in chemotherapy, and various skin issues. Like our honey bun of oats soap, our brighter days face mask, oil serums, creams, hair treatments, and more. 

Our products are handcrafted out of herbs from my garden, farmers, and other herbalists. 

You can find the Healing Body Shop online, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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