Live Minimalistically

Cindy Denis Nava Camargo

I’m an Immigrant who came to the United States when I was 4; I’m also Native American. I went to school in the United States and graduated in 2013 at Larkin High soon after graduating from Computer Systems Institute with a networking Diploma as an IT. 

Now, as I grow older, I developed a passion for Photography and poems. I want to live minimalistically (with very little) and discover knowledge (skills) (wisdom) (intelligence)

A poem

People are like art

the moments you create are memories engraved

of unspoken poetry

by movement of one’s body

the connection of two minds

as gazes lock and exchange of silent love,

words becoming a story that is locked in the hearts of the mind

bursting, like flashbacks of beautiful art once seen

in a gallery

of an open world gallery.

A poem


Searching for the meaning of life, not comforting

but something out of the ordinary,

something that brings me thrill,

I want to discover a part of me I never could see,

until the veil is off I’ll be happy to know there’s more to me

I want to own the person I came to be.

To be more confident

to be free

both spiritually and mindfully.

A poem


Maybe our hearts dont belong to one

Maybe thats why we fall in love more then once

Maybe each person

we find has a piece of us.

Everytime connecting the dots

to a bigger piece of art

each human creative skill



back into earth


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