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Tejal Gohil

My name is Tejal Gohil, I am a 17-year-old artist from Coventry, United Kingdom studying A-level Fine Art.

My art is currently based around the topic of identity, where I focus on discovering more about my family background where my parents were born and raised: India and Mombasa, Kenya, and looking at my own personal identity and interests in an artistic manner. I use mediums such as watercolors, coloring pencils, and pen in a lot of my artwork, but I’m also experimenting with other materials as I go along. My work also includes re-creating old album photos from my childhood and my parents and looking at the bigger picture of these culturally rich countries by showcasing its people, places, and traditions in a positive manner, which I find is really significant in making me proud of my ‘where I come from.’ 

Growing up here in the UK as a British Hindu, I’ve noticed how disconnected as a part of the younger generation we’ve become from our own culture and practices, and I’ve seen it a lot with myself. But over the past two years, I’ve grown more proud of my roots and have been rekindling that relationship by educating myself through my passion for art and decided that to show that process, it was best to start my own art account that I run on Instagram where I also incorporate photography and quotes in my feed and share on other platforms. In the future, I aim to build more connections with people in the creative industry to showcase my art to the wider audiences and gain more opportunities so that I can build a name for myself and inspire others.

You can find Tejal on Instagram and Twitter.

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