The Doll Code Boutique

Angelica Trujillo

My name is Angelica Trujillo. I’m from Denver, Colorado. I’ve recently launched my clothing brand named The Doll Code Boutique. The Doll Code is an upcoming small black-owned business.

Living in Denver and being of color almost seems like there is little to no culture here. I hope with my clothing that I can bring more culture to this state, allowing females to wear clothing that is exclusive and hard to find. As my company grows, so will my inventory and I would love to add all sizes and a male collection also! Creating this brand means a lot to me as I’ve had faced so much adversity throughout my life it’s hard to imagine yourself being your own boss, I will love to see others achieve such things and break generations of struggle!

Shop The Doll Code Boutique’s online catalog, see their Facebook, or check out their Instagram!

You can find Angelica, personally, on Instagram.

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