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Chanda Mwamba

Hi, my name is Chanda Mwamba, and I’m a Zambian artist. I am currently waiting to study fine arts and learn more about art at a higher level. My dream is to create a platform for my country people to express themselves with no fear freely! 

Growing up, I had many aspirations and dreams of what I wanted to achieve, and all that changed when I found freedom in art. As any of my close former school mates can attest to, drawing was one of my favorite pastimes whenever I didn’t have math homework to finish or comprehend exercises. But it wasn’t just scribbling ill drawn figures of my family and friends that sparked my creativity but being surrounded by creators in my community who were tailors, teachers, and many more. I would design outfits on my dolls after haggling for scrap pieces of material from our neighbor and recreate pieces I had seen on TV. They weren’t perfect, but I loved doing it anyway. My imagination has always been my most robust quality, and once we started art in high school, I knew I finally found a way to showcase the rabbit hole that was my mind! 

Since then, I have been learning new ways to improve my storytelling through visual art, literature, and photography. I hope to one day be able to allow many African youths to showcase their brilliance through their choice of expression. I want to show them that being creative is not taboo and is not limited to the narrow views our social institutions have taught us! I want to create a platform where creatives in our present communities can be seen and supported.

You can shop Chanda’s work on Ko-Fi and Redbubble (Chandawila Arts). You can find Chanda on Instagram and Twitter.

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