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Manal Murangi

My name is Manal Murangi, I am 21 years old, and I was raised in Maryland, close to DC. I have been a lover of all kinds of art since I was little, but never realized how much it drew me in until my junior year of high school, four years ago, when the film Moonlight came out.

I realized that I could actually integrate my love for helping people and politics and my deep love of art. Since then, my art has only expanded. It took me until this year to actually refer to myself as an artist, but I have appreciated every step of the journey. Currently, I use film, photography, and painting to tell my stories. Before anything else, I am a storyteller, intending to capture the in-between moments. These moments may not be the fantastic ones, the life-defining moments that make excellent films down the line, but the small moments, the mundane ones that make everyday life worth living. I work to have my art serve as a reminder that life lies in the in-between and the imperfection. I am excited to see where my skill and heart take me next. 

Asleep in the Garden




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