Kareem’s Grace

Adisa Kareem

I am Adisa Kareem, an Illustrator with love for storytelling; I’m currently located in Atlanta, Georgia, and am open to traveling where my career takes me.

When I’m not creating, I use free time to play RPGs, work out, and enjoy time spent with friends around Atlanta and Family. I find myself having the most fun working with others on collaborated projects. Throughout my time as a SCAD student, I’ve worked on a hand full of student films providing Layouts, background paints, and assets. Some of these projects include My Playmate From Hell and Sew Me A River. I’m always excited to work with other creators of different skills since it allows me to hone in what I love creating and adapt and apply it to another individual project.

You can find out more about Kareem on his website. You can also find him on Instagram, and Twitter.

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