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Wendy Quanon

My name is Wendy Quanon; I am a 22-year-old college student that goes to school in Kentucky (until recently). I was born in Liberia, the first country in Africa to gain independence on July 26th, 1847, and raised in Durham, North Carolina. 

I moved to Colorado in 2012 and noticed the drastic change in the culture and community that I lived in. It became harder to see people who looked like me and who had the same hair type as me, which meant it was hard for me to get the proper hair care and hair products. With that being such a huge struggle, my family and I decided that rather than depend on other communities to learn how to treat and take care of our hair, we should be that crutch for our own community. Luckily, we found a space near our house and is in a busy area, and we decided that opening a beauty supply store in an area where we know it’s needed would be the best thing. With us having another business, Addis Adaba Restaurant, the process was pretty smooth. We were able to open our store, Zeni Beauty Supply 6 months after getting everything together, amidst a crisis. We have now been open for six months and could not be any happier with the amount of support we have gotten. We only hope to grow more and more with our community and be a safe space for everyone to come!

You can find Zeni Beauty Supply & Wigs on Instagram. To find Wendy personally, she is on Instagram and Twitter.

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