The Blueprint

Eric Acostachioaei

I’m Eric Acostachioaei; I’m a 19 y/o artist originally from Romania currently residing in France. After almost two years of painting, I can assess my artistic intentions to be cathartic in nature: a materialized purgatory, personal enough for me to exteriorize my feelings, emotions, and philosophical concepts yet relatable sufficient for people to start their own introspection through my work. 

Everything I paint begins as a poem, written all across the canvas, which blooms into expressionistic and figurative painting with a psychoanalytical background. Each of my paintings comes with an in-depth analysis; my goal is to make it look like organized chaos, a « hot mess » of sorts. Each painting is its own blueprint and draft, showing every thought that goes through my mind since the painting’s conception.

You can find Eric on Instagram and Twitter.

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