KoE is my name; KoE is a lifestyle, and KoE is forever. What’s valuable to you? What’s the most precious possession in your life? Many will instantly think of material items. But for those of us humble enough to understand that materialism doesn’t last, the pursuit of knowledge will always reign—knowledge over Everything.

‘Time’ is a piece that I wrote after taking a class on modern Middle Eastern history. It’s centered on Arab disunity and the need for greater solidarity in the face of Western materialism. Being an American Muslim from Brooklyn but living in the Middle East, I’ve been exposed to different opinions on Western/Eastern relations. I feel it’s important to rectify our actions as collective perpetrators in the deterioration of world peace.


Time is priceless, forget our devices, forget the temptations and vices

Talkin’ bout ISIS, that’s a US creation

To hell with George Bush and his nation

Divided the ummah, neglected up the sunnah

We fell in love with the Dunya

Too many tyrants, migrants it is so mindless

Stop the political violence

Tanks and guns

and tyrants with funds

Makin’ these refugees run

People are dying, mother’s are crying

They ain’t got food for their sons

A Syrian man a martyr a father went down to the water to chuck his daughter

Cuz he knew when the bombs came down

That she would be better of drowned

Open your eyes, remove the disguise

Fallacies, fables and lies

Is ISIS religious? Do we promote bida3?

Should we be Sunni or Shia?

These are the questions that they hold against us

They will not break or bend us

We are Islam, y’all are my fam

Every last woman and man

Tamim is a G

Screw the blockade, he saw through the lies and the fake

Losin’ the game Saddam Hussein,

Baghdadi and Libyans under Gadaffi

Americas trippin and we on mission

To please Allah through submission

Forget their opinions

cuz they are just minions of jahal and evil dominions

We’ll live our lives for this creed, this lifestyle this deen

We’ll die for Islam Allahu alam Ameen.

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