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My name is Rana Jubara. I’m from Sudan, and I was born and raised in Qatar. I’m currently working as a senior graphic designer, and I do illustrations, photography, and animations.

My childhood and early school days weren’t anything special. I remember I wasn’t exactly the smartest in the class, but I believe I was undoubtedly the coolest!. I managed to enhance my marks in higher education. After all, I knew what it would take to reach a certain level and achieve specific grades because I had goals that I wanted to achieve. I come from a multitalented family, and with hard work, I was accepted into Virginia Commonwealth University (VCUarts), where I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2013.

Al Kandaka

Rana’s recreation of Al Kandaka, is a figurine of the woman in a sand globe. The song playing is about Sudanese revolution by Mohamed Wardi, a Nubian singer from Sudan. The song was first heard on the 6th of April 1986. A year after the overthrow of President  Jaafar Al Nimiri in 1985.

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Child Brides

The big doll of a Matryoshka set represents a strong female matriarch, head of the Russian family. The set represents motherhood and symbolizes fertility as dolls decrease in size to fit smaller and smaller dolls. In many countries in the MENASA region, the Matryoshka set takes a scary, literal form as young girls are thrown into forced marriages and an early adulthood. As they involuntarily go through childbearing, pregnancy complications that could result in death becomes a regular scenario. In this version of the Matryoshka, the dolls hardly decrease in size and do not fit inside one another, mocking this backward, monstrous tradition.



Toy (Child) Soldiers

Children are supposed to play with toys, not to be toyed with. Children in Sudan face a dreadful threat of being abducted and recruited to serve in the military, in complete disregard to all human laws and human nature. Exact figures are hard to determine, but the UNICEF estimates that over 9,000 children are currently living that horrific fate. In this artwork, I politicize and brutalize a world-known, otherwise innocent, children toy. Let’s put an end to the abduction and recruitment of children.

The information above is based on the Report of the Secretary-General on children and armed conflict. Read more at: childrenandarmedconflict.un.org/sudan/ 

Lanterns Of Hope

Dedication to the children of the Sudan, you are armed with burning patience. March towards the dawn of salvation and you shall receive. 

Al Bousa “The Kiss”

A portrayal of a couple locked in an intimate embrace. The 2 figures are situated and dressed in Sudanese “Jertik” attire. Which is a ceremony among seven of the Sudanese wedding ceremonies. Both the bride and groom wear traditional Sudanese clothes.

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