Mile High City

Izaiha Garcia 

Izaiha Garcia is a photographer from Denver, Colorado. He has only been shooting & editing for a few years, and still believes he has a lot more to learn. However, he is proud of the work that he has produced up to this point. 

 Most of my work consists of the little things that catch my eye whenever I’m taking a walk through the neighborhoods surrounding the city or hiking through the mountains. Colorado is filled with such subtle beauty, and it’s always been something that’s captured my attention. When I was growing up, someone in my family gifted me a photobook called Denver: Gateway Through the Rockies’ story and photographs by Robert Castellino and friends. This book was something that always helped me appreciate the Mile-High City, even as a young kid. It was still those subtle beauties throughout Denver that caught my attention in that book. Something as simple as a summer sunset over Sloans Lake or a relaxed afternoon on 16th street could be beautiful just because Colorado spoils us with its natural beauty. I am so grateful to have grown up and lived in one of the country’s prettiest states. I think a goal of mine would be to create a photobook similar to Robert Castellino’s because he shares the stories and pure beauty of Denver and Colorado, and that’s something I would like to share with the world.

You can find Izaiha on Instagram and Twitter.

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