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Breyonna Perkins 

Breyonna Perkins is a 20-year-old self-taught artist from Rosenberg, Texas.

She enjoys painting, draw, and writing because it helps her express herself in a constructive way. “I’m trying to learn how to express/ communicate more, so I can learn how to share myself through my craft.” Breyonna hopes to continue to master her craft and grow within it. 


Sealed lips demanding silence to the painted heart

Cause ain’t no trust in sympathy

Sympathy be not the welcoming arms of comfort

But the mischievous ear to confide in

Sympathy be the voice who whispers your secrets

into the howling wind at night

Creeping into every crease and crevice possible

By sunrise all yo secrets have been revealed to

the world

Cause ain’t no trust in sympathy

So I cradle my own secrets

For I will never betray my wounds

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