Peas in a Pod

Eiman, Rana and Samah

‘Peas In A Pod is a lifestyle podcast created by three best friends – Eiman, Rana, and Samah. They use their platform to talk about life experiences, from post-graduate depression to social media to mental health, and the affects of relationships with religion.

“The idea that the issues BLM are protesting about are specific only to the US is farcical, as though race or policing are not global phenomena by their very nature; as though we don’t see similar dynamics in Brazil, or Australia, or even Britain” (Kojo Koram).

In their 5th episode, Trauma, Exhaustion, and Complicity, the group discusses the Blacklivesmatter movement, and the trauma Black people are facing around the world. Speaking from London, Eiman, Rana, and Samah remind us that systemic racism and police brutality are very familiar to the black community living in the UK. Furthermore, the group also addresses influencers without meaningful influence, peaceful protests versus violent protests, and their own frustrations within the oppressive system they are confined in. 

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Peas in a Pod can be found on Instagram. Also, all members of Peas in a Pod can be found individually on Instagram and Twitter.

Eiman (Twitter/Instagram)

Rana (Twitter/Instagram)

Samah (Twitter/Instagram)

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