Zuret Girls

Lydia Binyam & Mahlet Alemayohu

Zuret Girls is the product of two cousins who came together to share their passion for travel, authentic experiences, and instilling positivity in others. 

The word Zuret stems from the action of being nomadic and embarking on frequent adventures. We wanted to incorporate our Ethiopian culture into our page and found this name fitting of our belief that life is to be an adventure. Our content is targeted for travel vlogs and cultural experiences; however, we enjoy making content showcasing our everyday life. 

Our vision for 2020 was to build a platform where we could record our travel memories while giving the world a glimpse into our lives. Traveling has become a way for us to connect with people from different walks of life and has taught us the beauty of creating new relationships. We’ve gained so many life lessons from exploring different parts of the world, and these experiences have shaped our perspective on the value of life for us.

Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate what life looks like from our lenses as we vlog everyday content, share our tips, travel guides, and, most importantly, to create a community with our viewers. We believe sharing positive content with the world will not only bring in a smile but change the way one perceives life.

You can check Zuret Girls out on Youtube. You can find on Instagram (Lydia/Mahlet), and Twitter (Lydia/Mahlet).

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