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Hind Eltayeb

Hello, my name is Hind Eltayeb, 25 years old architect/ graphic designer based in Khartoum – Sudan.  

 I am an artist who loves to try, explore, and learn new things about art every day! I started making art since I was in elementary school. I was fascinated and inspired by the beautiful art I saw in movies, magazines, and cartoons. But my real art passion started growing when I was in high school; it’s when I decided to take my art to the next level.

During that time, I was inspired by Japanese anime and manga drawings, I googled a lot, watched so many tutorials and videos online and read so many books about anime drawing just to draw like them! 

Throughout this learning process, I came across many challenges, learned about new art mediums (digital art and drawing programs – Alcohol markers – Watercolors), joined amazing art communities online (Deviant art), and managed to create my own drawing style.Later on, I started practicing different types of art (3D modeling – Graphic design ). I came to realize that art is not only about drawing or sketching, but it’s also a form of beauty that can be found anywhere at any time, you can make art out of everything you do as long as you put your heart and soul into it.Art makes me happy, and I love how diverse it is and how it can make me feel relaxed and help me achieve peace of mind.

 I find art as a way to express feelings and emotions, to relieve stress, and to communicate and deliver different messages. The way art brings beauty and joy to our lives makes it an essential element in our modern world.My goal is to keep exploring and learn more and more every day. I want to create art that inspires people, reflects my feelings and energy to them, and maybe puts a smile on their faces. 

You can find Hind on Twitter and Instagram.

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