I Don’t Hate White People


An anonymous poet has written this. White privilege exists, this poet writes on their frustration and anger towards a system that benefits the white public. Posts can be done anonymously, if you’re interested, contact us. 

I don’t hate white people

I hate the privileges they get when they’re born

Or the mythologies they make like the Minotaur with the horns

Or the fact that they have the highest success rate

While my race has high death rates

I don’t hate white people

I hate their ideas of unity and peace

But when Bob Marley said it

He was a rebel and hated the police

I don’t hate white people

I hate the freedom that comes with being born with a race that is the color of rice

The fact that Asians are stereotyped into wanting to always eat rice

Or the stereotypical Black man that plays a sport or drops rhymes

And that they get to do whatever they like

Without being questioned on where they goin or what they doin

I don’t hate white people

I hate a system that justifies white people

Giving them a “get out of jail-free” card

But when a brother do the same thing

He behind bars for life

Free those shackles that you have bestowed upon us

I scream at the top of my lungs

Black prominence

This isn’t white prejudice

I just want to see angels fly unshackled

My mind moves too quickly

That’s why I don’t pronounce words fully

But this aint no child’s play

I wanna stop popping champagne

Because my boy made it out of the pen

And not college

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