We Were the Best of Friends, Until We Weren’t.

Gabby Scott 

My name is Gabby Scott. I am a University of Colorado grad with a degree in business management, currently training as a professional track and field athlete, and now the podcast host of We Were the Best of Friends, Until We Weren’t. 

I started my podcast inspired by a friendship breakup I had experienced about a year and a half ago. Having to go on without my partner in crime made me reflect on other friendships that had faded or turned sour throughout my life; I then wondered why no one talks about what it’s like losing a best friend even though it’s something we all go through. With no real platform to discuss friendship heartbreak, I decided to make one myself.

All I want is for my podcast to feel safe for real people to reflect on a broken friendship. It’s meant to be an opportunity to appreciate the good, let go of the hurt, and celebrate the lessons learned. I hope listeners feel comfort and gain knowledge hearing these relatable stories, knowing they’re not alone in their experiences. More and more people have been inspired to share their stories with me. This makes me very excited as I would love for this project to have longevity while reaching people worldwide. 

If any of you have a friendship breakup story to share with me, direct message me on Instagram or Twitter! We Were the Best of Friends, Until We Weren’t available on Apple, Spotify, and SoundCloud!

You can find her work on Apple, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

You can also find Gabby on Instagram and Twitter.

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