Khayr Souf’s Words

Khayr Souf 

I am a young writer who is always willing to pen down my feelings and breathe life into my words. My poetry mostly speaks of Motivation, Lifestyle, hope, and love. Sometimes, heartbreak too.  


Negativity is a thorn

Deep rooted within the flesh of our being

Pressed upon by the heafty hands of competence

And injects the venom of envy

Like a volcano of darkness

Oozing, taking us bit by bit

 Until we succumb and are on our knees

The darkness we choose to lay our head on the chambers of it’s hands

And let it hold us in the clutches of it’s palm.

Instead to be in the clutches of sophisticated frames 

With our turbans, caps and head ties looked upon in awe.


Dear fragile warrior

You are the frozen fire 

That Burns and hoots 

And then calm and cools 

Let your actions drip

Down the sword of your grace

Litter the battlefield with your gleams

And let a few go tell your tale. 


Her words scent of lavender

The type grown in the Sahara

And I was ready 


shield it, nurture it

Watch it grow


let it’s scent echo 

Pass the Sahara, mountains and

                                                  ocean blue. 

I will move the wind towards it

Blow it as I watch it

                                    take over 

But all these are cooking wishes

Hidden in the pot, beneath the


And I let my feelings hover

As all I am is a poet


You can find Khayr on Instagram and Twitter.

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