Black Beauty

Stephen Wilson

 I am a 25-year-old digital artist from Richmond, Virginia. I recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, and I have been working in both traditional and digital art for about two years now. I love creating art because it’s such an expressive way to have an outlet for however you’re feeling. Seeing a blank space or canvas being turned into something is one of the most fulfilling feelings I can say that I have experienced, and it is what motivates me to keep doing it. 

Black culture is what serves as my main inspiration for art, particularly black women. I believe it is essential to capture and showcase their beauty for the world to see to negate any negative stereotypes placed upon us as a culture. I hope that my people can look at the artwork I create and, in turn, recognize the beauty in themselves. 

The advice I have for any aspiring artists can be broken down into three things.

1.) Do not compare yourself to others and work towards developing your own style. 

2) Draw every day if you can. Whether it’s for an hour or just a quick sketch, get your mind in the habit of drawing every day. I once heard that “to be successful, you have to be consistent in whatever you do.

 3.) Focus on drawing what inspires you instead of trying to follow trends as a way to get noticed.

You can find his website here, his Twitter here, and his Instagram here.

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