Blacksneakers is a Painter and Illustrator based in North Carolina, USA. Her primary focus is on the human body. She can express concepts of emotion, mentality, and physicality while combining it with vibrant color schemes to create complex, black narratives. As a young, black woman, she feels it’s best to contribute her voice to a community already unique and beautiful.

“Five-Star Sanctuary” focuses on the importance of found solace with the self – to become comfortable with our own body internally and externally. We’re often placed in uncomfortable situations and feel a similar feeling about ourselves. However, it’s important to find love and appreciation for the way you are, whether that’s through change or not.
“Body Language” is a perspective on anxiety and its effect on the human body. One of the symptoms of anxiety is muscle strain. The figures composed in these uncomfortable positions include that kind of pull. And despite the vibrancy of the color scheme and how it doesn’t replicate the tension, anxiety is evident no matter the brightness of someone’s look or persona.
The purpose of the body position and colors is to emphasize the middle ground of anxiety as a relatable, yet complex statement. (Acrylic and embroidery on 36 x 48 canvas)
“Sundance” emphasizes the importance of togetherness and vulnerability.
“Almeda” was inspired by Van Gogh’s painting technique and focuses on Blackness as a luxury using color schemes that comprise of greatness and royalty. (Oil on 36 x 36 canvas)
“Brotherhood in Technicolor” focuses on the relationship and friendship between black male peers. This type of bromance is revealed in proximity and the use of color as it reflects the vibrancy of that connection. The highlight of pink that outlines all four figures is what blurs the line between true friendship and masculinity that is toxic and/or exclusionary. (Acrylic and embroidery on 36 x 40 canvas)

You can buy her work on her website here, see more of her work on Instagram here, or check out her twitter here,

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