“The Month of Ramadan” and “Nature of the Soul”

Aziz Hima

My name is Abdulaziz Hima and I am currently a sophomore soon to become junior at University of Colorado: Denver. I am originally from Misrata, Libya and came to the U.S to pursue higher studies as a young kid. It has been a tough journey for me and my family but we go back home every summer to always remain in touch. I played many sports in high school but I now focus on soccer. I currently study business marketing and information systems. 

The main reason I got into poetry, initially, was because it was tough for me to be away from home and leaving my family and close friends. I am the only son, but the people I grew up with became my brothers. Moreover, my grandma was a significant influence too, and so was my country as a whole; it was the source of my pain, happiness, and motivation. The war was hard and still is on all of us. But then, it became a way for me to express my mind and feelings held inside. It became my gateway aside from praying and making du’a. I realized that it was the best way since I have a hard time venting to people, so I used my prayer and poetry. So now, whenever feelings like that start to arise, I write and let my mind venture. I want to get my poetry out there, and I feel that it can touch many people and especially people who experience the same things I have.

Nature of the Soul

The soul is unique
The soul is strange
You can’t pick your soul like a boutique
But, you may turn the page
Though all souls are subject to critique
Only a few can last on the stage

A soul travels far and wide
In which it may thrive
Step by step, stride by stride
The Dunya is a constant climb
The virtuous one struggles with time
Belief in the almighty keeps it in sync like a chime

The soul hymns to life’s music in a rhyme
It rides the waves synchronized
Very subtle, it may never commit a crime
Indeed, it is more virtuous than life
Never to be actualized

The Month of Ramadan

You can find Aziz’s poetry page here, his twitter here, and his Instagram here.

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