Heroes Of Today

Saifullah Sagir Yusuf

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful” -(Joshua J. Marine). 

As the world faces a global pandemic like no other, health workers come to the rescue. Both poems illustrate the bravery and strength instilled in the heroes of today. 

Doctor Says

If I was given an option
I’ll prefer quarantine with my family
Self-isolation with no glimpse of light
Until all of it is over, but
You sit me here fighting a war I’ve no tactics for
Swapped my TV screen with telescope
Doff my necklace and trade it with stethoscope
Undress me to dress me with scrub and a lab coat
Don’t I deserve better with your deaf ears
I’m sending you too a war no one has trained you for
Let me fight your battle and you’ll do the same for me


Do me a favour
Grant me your deaf dripping ears
That choose to listen not without a gun
The weight upon me is unbearable
I’ve been sleepless stopping a fire
But you seem to be a wanderer with a leaked gas station
How do you like the impression ‘Sorry, he didn’t make it’
Yeah, you understand that even without moving a lip
How is it different from stay at home and be safe
Avoid handshakes and engage yourself with sanitizer
Isolate yourself and turn on your TV
Watch me as i keep you posted
Wouldn’t you save a soul like I’m trying hard to
We’ll get through this together, Yes we can.

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