The Art Dimension: Unlocked

Nouman Arshad

Art is a dimension all of us are exploring at some time in our lives. Be it by painting, music, film, writing its a form of expression which everyone is figuring out to explore. For every art piece I make, I try to reach the depths of my subconscious and channelize my inner potential and ideas which I think everyone should. After all art is something personal, it’s up to the viewer what they perceive the art. The mind is our whole universe for us to explore. All our’s as well as other’s thoughts, ideas, emotions exist in that universe we build for ourselves. It’s depends on us how much we really try to explore it and bring out the best of it. I want to motivate as many people I can around me to help them find their inner self and truly express themselves using the right medium.

You can find him on twitter here, or on instagram here.

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