“Why Hide From The Moon?” and “Under Water”

Forrest Miller

My name is Forrest Miller II and both of my poems are just straight up honesty. Being honest with myself about how I feel after life throws a curveball or a strong hook is all these words are. I feel like admitting to yourself when you’re down or don’t know what to feel is often how we find light in the dark. In this “arc” of life I’ve been searching for direction, but it feels like I’m doing all the navigating on my own.

Why Hide Under The Moon?

Why is darkness the one to always be cast out? 

But it’s what you run to when you feel assed out. 

Why run when you know you can’t hide? 

It waits for me every day and greets me every night. 

How do I admit the truth when I feel like I live in lies? 

I live on auto-pilot, in control is my subconscious mind. 

I see my issues from the back of my eyes. 

Dreams, dreams, dreams. 

Dream, dream, dream. 

Good morning, the sun tells me 

Roll up, my fingers tell me 

Bic let’s out a chirp and then I’m letting Hell breathe. 

Doze off and greet the moon, this confrontation can’t be healthy. 

You were taught to be a man, so put feelings on the shelf please. 

Leave the house and leave your feelings, but what you[CHU] feel now? 

Smoke the pain away on rainy days 

But the weather won’t change. 

Under Water

I live in slow motion, time flies but I’m coasting. Don’t breath below the surface, yeah I know this but I test if the fire is hot and wait till the bomb is exploding all to confirm the knowledge I’m holding is worth the pain and pain equals gain, so my tragedies are golden.
In the midst of the splash, the pool cover is closing, choose to fucking sink or swim there is no time for floating.
Ain’t no goggles in the sea, ain’t no air for you to breathe, Stay woke don’t you fall asleep, drop it don’t you catch no Z’s, gotta stay afloat cuz ain’t no help for either you or me. If you had some gills to breathe, if you had fish eyes to see what’s below the shallows isn’t always really comforting.
Don’t panic or I might drown, stay above or I’ll go down, how can I stand tall when a nigga has no fucking ground?
But I can’t fold like I don’t got the crease, I tell it to them raw like everything is Japanese cuisine.
Everything is muffled, scream or at least try to, drowning out the sound is the wave that you ride to.
Everybody has a plan but that ain’t how it work, I can’t run it up but still wanna finish first. I got a ride coming, I’m watching out for the hearse, watching out from the hearse, the voice I always talk to forgot to ask “are you sure”, fire don’t speak when it burns, blessings you have to earn, the second it goes good is the second the pages turn.
Into a new chapter, erased was all the laughter  everyone has a time to come, mine is creeping way faster. 

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