A Love Letter To Sri Lanka

Fathima Faaiza Feroz

Expressing myself through art, whether it be poetry or drawing, is a cathartic process. This poem represents my past and current feelings towards my motherland, Sri Lanka.

For so long I associated the worst memories of my life with you
Tumultuous arguments,
Restless nights,
The dysfunctionality grew and grew.

How could my roots be the very factor, which shaped me yet destroyed me?
You were my supposed safe haven,
My distraction,
My serenity.

In retrospect, I forgive you.
You didn’t know any better.
You offered me your open arms,
And I treated you like the holes in a sweater.

As I opened my eyes,
To the heaven you so carefully laid out for me.
I immersed myself in all your beauty,
And in all your glory.

I fell in love with you for the first time.
I embraced a part of me I had forced so far down.
My vision was tunneled,
And still, you gracefully remained sublime.

I am grateful to know that you will forever greet me with open arms and skies so blue.
You are home,
A place I eternally cherish.
Thank you for allowing me to forgive myself too.

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